First two month's guestbook entries from skumar's page archive, one of the first website on India. If you are in this list, you are part of history !!

On Thu Aug 11 10:09:21 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Good work great job
looking to see some more stuff in future.

On Thu Aug 11 10:13:51 EDT 1994
Vijay ( (from address wrote:
Thanks for taking the trouble to put all these pictures
on-line -- mark of a true cricket fan!
Look forward to seeing more innovations.

On Thu Aug 11 10:35:39 EDT 1994
Vishal Misra (from address wrote:
Nice collection

On Thu Aug 11 11:21:14 EDT 1994
Sriram Gopalakrishnan (from address wrote:
Good work! 

On Thu Aug 11 11:22:06 EDT 1994
Shailesh Nalawadi, (from address wrote:
Hi there:
Before I discovered recently and saw your homepage, I thought that I was the only guy who actually enjoyed watching the hindi movie tapes that his mom brought from the grocery store! But no more! I am out of the closet now, a confessed hindi movie addict! :) Latest movie: 1942-ALS. Watched it last week but the tunes are still stuck in my mind! What a movie!
Congratulations on an excellent html page. The pics are unfortunately a bit blur. But still a great effort on your part.

On Thu Aug 11 12:04:36 EDT 1994
Krishnan Ethirajan (from address wrote:
Good Job! nice gif files....

On Thu Aug 11 12:07:03 EDT 1994
Sohail Munir; (from address wrote:
A good collection of pictures, really enjoyed it...

On Thu Aug 11 12:27:41 EDT 1994
Ravi Tangirala, (from address wrote:
Great collection. But not very clear though.
Cheers! -Ravi

On Thu Aug 11 12:28:19 EDT 1994
SUresh Ramachandran (from address wrote:
certainly interesting. looks good.

On Thu Aug 11 12:28:25 EDT 1994 (Rajal Shah) (from address wrote:
Great job.

On Thu Aug 11 13:19:23 EDT 1994
hariharane ramasamy, (from address wrote:
not bad home page. good work

On Thu Aug 11 13:58:59 EDT 1994 (Kumar Vishwanathan) (from address wrote:
Enjoyed your gallery. Good Stuff. Regards

On Thu Aug 11 14:20:40 EDT 1994
Chetan Patil, (from address wrote:
Great Stuff, Keep it up.

On Thu Aug 11 14:31:29 EDT 1994
Kartik Ramakrishnan, (from address w rote:
Howdy Shivesh!
The cricinfo server is too loaded during the day to establish a connection. The tendu inline image is cool!
Thanks, Kartik

On Thu Aug 11 14:38:31 EDT 1994
Jai Prakash Pandu, (from address wrote:
Great Work!!! Keep it up. Thank you

On Thu Aug 11 14:42:00 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Great stuff!

On Thu Aug 11 14:44:46 EDT 1994
Jay Utpat, (from address wrote:
Good job !!

On Thu Aug 11 14:49:46 EDT 1994
Hemant: (from address wrote:
Very impressive! Good Show! Keep it up!!

On Thu Aug 11 15:07:42 EDT 1994
niranjan r. pedanekar; (from address 128.46. 131.150) wrote:
A real good job! Keep it up...

On Thu, 11 Aug 1994 15:37:41 EDT 1994
Ajay P Nerurkar: apn@cs.Buffalo.EDU wrote
Great job ! It was a real treat.
-- Ajay

On Thu Aug 11 16:17:46 EDT 1994
Narasinha C. Parasnis; (from address wrote:
Some are born great, some acheive greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them. You seem to be on the path of achieving greatness!

On Thu Aug 11 17:30:16 EDT 1994
Somnath Sen; (from address wrote:
Had a blast looking at your stuff. Keep it up and
Good Luck. 

On Thu Aug 11 18:01:56 EDT 1994
Yarlagadda, Emankumar ( (from address wrote:
Good stuff. Hopefully, you will get better gif/jpg files than the ones you have. They are not clear.

On Thu Aug 11 19:13:38 EDT 1994
Sudhakar Boddu/ (from address wrote:
Keep me posted on the update of pictures. Thanks.

On Thu Aug 11 20:46:44 EDT 1994
Hrishikesh Joshi (from address

On Thu Aug 11 21:11:46 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Good work. Want to see some geographical info such as maps, routes, tourist places etc. about India.

On Thu Aug 11 22:14:38 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
very good job ,master.

On Thu Aug 11 22:32:59 EDT 1994
Prakash Das, (from address wrote:
Not bad for a first start (i presume). You could also add some biographical info if you find it. Good effort! 

On Thu Aug 11 23:06:02 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Thanks for the cricket and movie star pictures
I've added them on to my hotlists

On Fri Aug 12 01:49:33 EDT 1994
Hassan Toorabally. (from address wrote:
It is really neat. Although I had already seen most of the pictures already, it is still nice to see them catalogued on the Web! It'd be nice if this could grow into a Who's who of not just stars but of Indian personalities and heck, even all the Indians on the net!

On Fri Aug 12 02:44:31 EDT 1994
anant; (from address wrote:
your homepage has nice distractions. found about it on rmim, i think. bueno, back to pretending to work :-)

On Fri Aug 12 04:15:15 EDT 1994
Vamsi T. Mohun (from address wrote:
Nice collection, but... who are those Guess?? females. Do you have any idea or are you trying to find out their names as well.......

On Fri Aug 12 11:46:20 EDT 1994
Hitesh Shah( (from address wrote:
Nice Collection. When do you plan to finish "constructing" your home page?
Thanx for a wonderful browse 

On Fri Aug 12 12:01:33 EDT 1994
Piyush Patel (from address wrote:
Excellent home page. How can I follow the links to get to you . I am afraid that I will forget your www address and will never see this page.

On Fri Aug 12 12:01:35 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Thanks for the page. You could divide the stars into different category, for example: female movie stars, male movie stars, sports heros etc.

On Fri Aug 12 14:13:10 EDT 1994
dipak ghosh - (from address wrote:
nice work :-) the only problem is that your star- gallery page take ages to load. condsider dividing 'em in categories: 1. male,female 2. very sexy, sexy, not so sexy.... On seconds thoughts, pal, your are the king of your home page and you dont have to give a damn ;-) 

On Fri Aug 12 14:17:12 EDT 1994
Venkat (from address wrote:
Saw your album. Impressive 

On Fri Aug 12 14:50:53 EDT 1994
Shishir Khetan ( (from address :

On Fri Aug 12 14:58:52 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Terrific job. Keep the home flag flying, buddy. 

On Fri Aug 12 15:20:02 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Very interessting and good work. Thank you. 

On Fri Aug 12 17:43:36 EDT 1994
Amit Rege ; (from address wrote:
Cool job, dude!
Just a suggestion. How about splitting this monster of a document / html, and letting us browse from a list of names to individual photographs, as we like? So if I just wanted to ogle Madhuri, I did not have to look at Zeenat! (you get the idea)
- Amit 

On Fri Aug 12 18:01:56 EDT 1994
Atul Shrivastava (from address wrote:
Great job. Will let you know if I have a few more pics that could be added. 

On Fri Aug 12 18:23:56 EDT 1994
Amit Agarwal - (from address wrote:
A great job! Thanx a lot . What a monumental effort! 

On Fri Aug 12 18:36:44 EDT 1994
Gamini Wickramasekara ( (from address w rote:
Your work is incredible! (Thanks a lot.) 

On Fri Aug 12 19:37:03 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
cool dude!! 

On Fri Aug 12 20:12:26 EDT 1994
Debashis Basu, (from address wrote:
Nice stuff. 

On Fri Aug 12 20:42:05 EDT 1994
Kishore Abichandani, (from address wrote:
Great job with pictures. Keep it up. If possible see if you supply some up to date news. 

On Fri Aug 12 21:35:41 EDT 1994
Ashish Ray, (from address wrote:
A Superb Job ! Helps when I am too frustrated/bored at work ! Looking forward to more pictures .... 

On Fri Aug 12 23:25:36 EDT 1994
Ravi (from address wrote:
Hmmm Preety good.
I was a little confused in the beginning as there were only requests and response ..... but then it did come Looks like I got be a little patience :)
Good work Keep it up

On Sat Aug 13 01:57:30 EDT 1994
Vikas Mittal (from address wrote:

On Sat Aug 13 11:40:15 EDT 1994
aslam, (from address wrote:

On Sat Aug 13 17:18:35 EDT 1994
Ravindra Asundi (from address wrote:
Great Stuff. Hope to see more.

On Sun Aug 14 13:23:50 EDT 1994
bharat bhushan, (from address wrote:
Brilliant .... amazing collection of Indian stars very good effort .. i immensely enjoyed it ... I will browse through once again to see new picture .. till then bye and good luck 

On Sun Aug 14 18:13:11 EDT 1994
Vishu Mummidi, (from address wrote:
Great stuff! Color is somewhat off in some I guess. Have anymore Madhubala pics?? Love to see them!

On Mon Aug 15 06:44:59 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Good work, much appreciated!

On Mon Aug 15 10:37:41 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
I liked the collection. Good thing that we have this nearer to home:-) 

On Mon Aug 15 13:59:44 EDT 1994
unknown (from address wrote:
Congrats on doing an awesome job 

On Mon Aug 15 15:08:38 EDT 1994
Tim Longpre': (from address wrote:
Nice to see some cricket graphics. How often do you plan on updating this area? 

On Mon Aug 15 15:27:19 EDT 1994
Sunit Joshi (from address wrote:
Great collection! How about a few new ones, namely Manisha K, Raveena T, etc. 

On Mon Aug 15 17:48:12 EDT 1994
Jaijiv Prabhakaran ( (from address wrote:
Excellent stuff. You are in my hotlist for sure.

On Mon Aug 15 17:49:35 EDT 1994
Naren, wrote:
Wow. It was awesome.

On Mon Aug 15 19:26:49 EDT 1994
Deepak , email : (from address wrote:
Nice Collection Kumar. Esp..the Guestbook :)
And it has become better now as I am added to the list!!

On Tue Aug 16 12:10:04 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
The folder was really great. Hope u get more pics. bye.

On Tue Aug 16 12:27:30 EDT 1994
arup mukherjee ( (from address wrote:
Very good collection and setup ....
keep it going

On Tue Aug 16 15:21:46 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Great Job! 

On Tue Aug 16 15:27:48 EDT 1994
Ashok Thimmappa attmail!cbnea!alt (from address wrote:
Good job 

On Tue Aug 16 16:10:58 EDT 1994
sudhir (from address wrote:
Fantastic showcase of stars!!
How about adding some heart-throbs of the 50s & 60s, say Waheeda Rehman (at her peak), some more Madhubala one's? And Madhuri Dixit's picture from some movie where she's a fisher-woman (she looked great there!- can't recall the movie though!).
Once again, thanks for bringing back old memories!

On Wed Aug 17 04:10:08 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Had a great time viewing them. There is too much red color though. I tried to modify the r component and the contrast. Are u planning to put any more gifs ?

On Wed Aug 17 11:28:33 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Nice work ,How about some new ones like Tabu , Kajol

On Wed Aug 17 13:17:34 EDT 1994
Ranjit (from address wrote:
Nice collection you got here. By the way, aren't you the same guy who is always criticizing sunny on r.g.c.? ;)
-- DesiPom 

On Wed Aug 17 19:21:01 EDT 1994
Anoop (from address wrote:
Good Job !!
Hope you will keep this performence.

On Thu Aug 18 06:04:18 EDT 1994
Viraj Puranik, (from address wrote:
Your collection is very well documented. I hope u keep it up.
wbr, viraj 

On Thu Aug 18 06:56:43 EDT 1994
Praveen Kumar , (from address wrote:

On Thu Aug 18 07:33:55 EDT 1994
Tim Ibell (from address wrote:
Excellent photo's.
What about some of Jonty Rhodes in the field? 

On Thu Aug 18 08:16:46 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Really enjoyed it 

On Thu Aug 18 10:25:27 EDT 1994
Ms.Mangala I Kadaba, (from address wrote:
Good Work. Keep it up.

On Thu Aug 18 15:54:19 EDT 1994
Sudhir Malhotra (from address wrote:
Great job!!
Please add more Juhi gif's. 

On Thu Aug 18 20:24:19 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Great job man!! Try and clear off the reddish tinge.

On Fri Aug 19 13:21:24 EDT 1994
sreenivasan (from address wrote:
send me madhuri's photo

On Fri Aug 19 16:15:50 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Thanks a lot for sharing all these pictures.

On Sat Aug 20 23:23:41 EDT 1994
Sivakumar, (from address wrote:
Great work, man! I really apprecite it!! Try to put some Indian models like Lisa Ray and some south Indian film stars.

On Tue Aug 23 02:42:40 EDT 1994
Vinod Arekar ( (from address wrote:
good work! 

On Tue Aug 23 13:01:53 EDT 1994
Harpreet Ahluwalia (from address

On Tue Aug 23 13:38:19 EDT 1994
Rajeev Sivaram ; (from address wrote:
Rather nice collection, I thought. The Madhuri pictures (which is my main intere st) could've done with better resolution. But you probably have storage constrai nts etc. Nonetheless, the new pics are great, especially the ones from Filmfare (I think).
Good show, Kumar.

On Tue Aug 23 16:41:07 EDT 1994
Anand Narayan : (from address wr ote:
Great pics Shivesh. 

On Tue Aug 23 17:11:27 EDT 1994
Gopi Attaluri, (from address wrote:
Nice collection! 

On Tue Aug 23 19:22:35 EDT 1994
Bharat. (from address wrote:
Very Neat! Great Stuff!
Life mein motion aa gaya!

On Tue Aug 23 19:29:42 EDT 1994
Nimesh Minawala, (from address wrote:
excellent !! 

On Tue Aug 23 20:12:48 EDT 1994
unknown(from address wrote:
send me Sridevi's image Thanx for Madhuri, it was great

On Tue Aug 23 21:43:32 EDT 1994
rammohan (from address wrote:
The pictures are excellent. Keep up the good work. Would be great to have some p ictures of Cricketers in Action.. i mean during the strokes.

On Wed Aug 24 02:31:13 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Great job. Keep it up - the image quality could be a little better, but that's a minor problem.

On Wed Aug 24 12:29:25 EDT 1994
Sunil Dixit (from address wrote:
Bhai Wah !! Madhubala Zeenat gifs were cool. Great work.. Saw cricket gifs for the first time on the net.
bahut majaa aya.. 

On Wed Aug 24 12:29:56 EDT 1994
Venkataraman, Sathyanarayanan ( (from address wrot e:
Good work, keep it up. 

On Wed Aug 24 12:45:46 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
I think u have done a terrific job....

On Wed Aug 24 13:22:06 EDT 1994
Vamsi Ancha (from address wrote:
Great job!! keep us informed about new additiions.It was great fun. keep up the good work. regards..

On Wed Aug 24 14:20:02 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Good collection.

On Wed Aug 24 14:56:22 EDT 1994
Naren Balasubramanian (from address wrote:
Awesome to say the least. A nice job!!!

On Wed Aug 24 17:32:42 EDT 1994
Sanjoy Ghosh ( (from address wrote:
Good stuff, man. Keep it up.

On Wed Aug 24 17:40:47 EDT 1994
Kshitij Kumar, ( wrote:
Gadar machaa rahe ho bhai! Vyajanthimaala and all! Wow!

On Wed Aug 24 18:03:39 EDT 1994
Harry Hans (from address wrote:
Great Job. Now I know where to go for pictures of Indian acteresses if I ever fall in love with one of them. You do take requests don't you!!!
Harry Hans

On Wed Aug 24 18:27:27 EDT 1994
Arun Vaidyanath. (from address wrote:
Good job. Fun to look at. V. Anand is a great inclusion. 

On Wed Aug 24 19:13:42 EDT 1994
Srinivas Chennupaty ( (from address wrote:
Good stuff.

On Wed Aug 24 22:54:01 EDT 1994
narendra (from address 131 .170. 24.42) wrote:
picture of
kapil----too good

On Wed Aug 24 23:13:44 EDT 1994 (from address 

On Thu Aug 25 11:08:47 EDT 1994, Sunil Patel (from address wrote:
Pretty cool, it's about time somebody put together the gallery. Maybe we could get StartDust to put themselves on the Web?!

On Thu Aug 25 12:40:40 EDT 1994
Arun Sharma, (from address wrote:
Nice photographs !!

On Thu Aug 25 15:16:13 EDT 1994
Birinder Gill (from address wrote:
A very impressive album, but a very long time to load. It would be nice if you could add some MPEGs...

On Thu Aug 25 17:49:01 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Exotic, reviving nostalgic memories. 

On Fri Aug 26 10:26:42 EDT 1994
unknown (from address wrote:
Hi Shivesh,
Excellent job . keep it up. Hope you add some more stuff in there

On Fri Aug 26 16:36:26 EDT 1994
Sameer Patel ; (from address wrote:
Excellent job...keep it up. 

On Fri Aug 26 16:45:27 EDT 1994
Vijay ( ) (from address wrote:
Raveena Tandon is the best!!!!
Very good job shivesh

On Fri Aug 26 16:52:28 EDT 1994
Nidheesh Dubey (from address wrote:
Great gifs of Madhuri and Madhubala. Keep it up

On Sat Aug 27 03:36:43 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Tremendous effort! 

On Sat Aug 27 22:22:22 EDT 1994
Shoba Thamma, (from address wrote:
Hi Shivesh, It was nice to have taken a short tour of your home pages, I will undertake the same journey later again. Thanx & bye,

On Sun Aug 28 14:08:40 EDT 1994
Hemanth Jayaraman (from address wrote:
computers ke naate hamari aapse mulakat hui
tasveero ke darmian chand baate yaad aayi
aapke koshishon ke karan humare hoto pe muskurahat aayi
hamare dil se aapkeliye shukriya ubhar aayi
grrrrrrreaaaaaaat work dooode!! keep it goinnnnn!!:)))) 

On Sun Aug 28 14:17:55 EDT 1994
Ranajeet "Ronnie" Ghose (from address wrote:
It's pretty good, dude !!!

On Sun Aug 28 18:28:56 EDT 1994
unknown (from address wrote:
improvement from last time

On Tue Aug 30 10:22:29 EDT 1994
Andi Giri, (from address wrote:
Best wishes! You home page is well-organized. Also, no gallery of Indian film stars is complete without the all-time best Kamal Hassan.

On Wed Aug 31 12:09:55 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Brilliant. Well wortth browsing through - heartily recommended!!!

On Wed Aug 31 15:28:44 EDT 1994
Vijay Joglekar (from address wrote:
Looking good. Few areas of improvement are needed.

On Wed Aug 31 15:51:18 EDT 1994
satyam sahay (from address wrote:
The pictures were great. Thanks for putting so much efforts.

On Sat Sep 3 14:21:33 EDT 1994
unknown wrote :
One of the best home pages regarding Indian affairs.

On Tue Sep 6 05:25:12 EDT 1994
Maruf, (from address wrote:
Thanks for your collection of Cricket Information which setisfies our demand partially. I will appreciate more if you concentrate on infomation more than photographs. Please update the current informations as early as possible.
Thanks once again. Its a great job. 

On Tue Sep 6 11:10:29 EDT 1994
Alanoly Andrews, (from address wrote:
Just had a hurried look at a few of the pictures. Will go through them in more detail when I have the time (and on a colour monitor). But in the meantime this is just to appreciate the time and effort you have put into this service for the cricket-starved fans of N.America.
Alanoly Andrews. 

On Tue Sep 6 15:03:32 EDT 1994 "Dipak Prasad" (from address wrote:
A very good job indeed :)

On Tue Sep 6 15:43:49 EDT 1994
Murtuza Vasowalla (from address wrote:
Fab Job !
I am truly impressed. Keep up the good work !!

On Wed Sep 7 14:53:12 EDT 1994
Subra Madhavan subra.madhavan@ColumbiaSC.NCR.COM (from address w rote:
Good show boss - keep up the good work . 

On Thu Sep 8 09:16:41 EDT 1994
Srinivas Kotla (from address wrote:
Good job Shivesh. I know how much work these things take.
Well! I hope this page will be around for sometime.

On Thu Sep 8 15:35:17 EDT 1994
Nataraj. (from address wrote:

On Thu Sep 8 16:42:04 EDT 1994
Rizwan Mithani - (from address wrote:
Thanks for the pictures of Rekha!

On Fri Sep 9 08:29:19 EDT 1994
Syed (from address wrote:
Excellent collection ...
What a pleasant surprise to find it on mosiac Congratulations Shivesh ,and I hope the directory incresases in size with more of your wonderful pics.

On Fri Sep 9 10:02:53 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Thank you for making this site available. 

On Fri Sep 9 14:21:03 EDT 1994
Purnendu Sinha, (from address wrote:
Wonderful Job! Keep in touch,

On Fri Sep 9 15:11:27 EDT 1994
F. Scott Armstrong (from address wrote:
Well put together home page, good file selection!

On Fri Sep 9 15:21:44 EDT 1994
Sandeep Rao, wrote

On Fri Sep 9 16:03:29 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
What a find! All the Indian stars... Too bad only a few show up on my DOS machine - the rest say ERROR. It'd be nice to get musicians. There are two Deys, right? The famous father and the up-and-coming daughter.

On Fri Sep 9 18:44:18 EDT 1994 (from address 

On Fri Sep 9 19:08:59 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
This is great! My friend wants me to say that you should put on more Hindi songs which you can hear. My other friend had a great time watching revealing pictures of Indian actresses. So did we, by the way. The guy sitting next to me would like more pictures of actresses.

On Fri Sep 9 20:47:37 EDT 1994
Shishir Pandya: (from address wrot e:
You have a great set up. Keep it up.

On Sat Sep 10 00:07:38 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Here's a hello from Oklahoma. Hello

On Sat Sep 10 13:39:41 EDT 1994
Lakshman Bijanki (from address wrote:
Hey Shivesh! Very interesting to see a few familiar faces on the Web! Not much of a movie fan myself, but the names still ring a bell! Keep up the good work.

On Sat Sep 10 15:16:28 EDT 1994
Satya Bhamidiapti ( (from address 128. 46.161. 146) w rote:
Good Job. Definitely saves a lot of disk space. The pictures of the actresses give a different meaning to the word BEAUTY. 

On Sat Sep 10 19:36:57 EDT 1994
Bjorn Wingman (from address wrote:
Very nice...I think I like India.

On Sat Sep 10 21:27:26 EDT 1994
bagali, (from address wrote:
Great efort! Really enjoyed looking at the collection!

On Sun Sep 11 00:34:20 EDT 1994
Harpreet Singh Chadha (from address wrote:
Great stuff !

On Sun Sep 11 12:47:43 EDT 1994
Sanjeev Banerjia , (from address wrote:

On Sun Sep 11 13:49:54 EDT 1994
Dharshana (from address wrote:
Nice work.And I am hoping to put a link to the cricket info provided on your hom e page on my home page.
Thanks a lot!!! 

On Sun Sep 11 23:46:25 EDT 1994
Arun Katkere (from address wrote:
Good work. 

On Mon Sep 12 10:16:06 EDT 1994
Juraj Kabat, (from address wrote:
Hi, perfect made!!!It is amazing! 

On Mon Sep 12 10:59:38 EDT 1994
samir khosla (from address wrote:
great job ! i would like it if you could insert more pictures of Madhuri and maybe have some movie clips also ! cricketers seem a little out of place with the actors and actoresses anyway, like i said " great job " and thanx for bringing Indian stars to the WWW.

On Mon Sep 12 13:20:36 EDT 1994
Avinash (from address wrote:
Great collection! Thanks. 

On Mon Sep 12 13:51:08 EDT 1994
masoud@plpc2.okldot.state.ok (from address wrote:
I enjoyed it

On Tue Sep 13 01:36:56 EDT 1994
Sobhan K Padamati, (from address wrote:
Just great..... U must have a lot of patience.....
Good taste....

On Tue Sep 13 08:37:26 EDT 1994
Venkat Krishnamurthy ( (from address wrote:
Extremely cool. Did you get paid to do this, or what!?! Just a Surfin' by ....

On Tue Sep 13 11:52:39 EDT 1994
"Tom Wiersma" (from address wrote:
Excellent stuff. from a Dutchman, living in Wales who loves watching England being trashed by better Teams!
As for your Movie stars.. need I say more? 

On Tue Sep 13 13:33:35 EDT 1994
Bhanu (from address wrote:
Shiv Great Job. It's an interesting collection of pictures. One possible change I would like to see in the organization is, make it into two levels so that the first level gives a menu of available pictures, and I can click on them to get actual pictures. This could save a bunch of network bandwidth needed to bring in all pictures up front. This would also let the first page come up faster.

On Tue Sep 13 14:34:33 EDT 1994
Srinivas Gadudasu (from address wrote:
Neat Job!!! A suggestion: It will be helpful to have an index that contains only names (without those accompanying pics). 

On Tue Sep 13 20:24:33 EDT 1994
narendra (from address wrote:
If possible please include some more pictures of amitabh and kapildev
overall reveiew of your home page-------- EXCELLENT 

On Tue Sep 13 20:25:54 EDT 1994
janaka.e. (from address wrote:
please include more photographs of amitabh

On Wed Sep 14 07:32:45 EDT 1994
Evan (from address wrote:
Thanks for some interresting information and pictures, some more gifs of Austral ian players would be appreciated some more gifs of Australian players would be appreciated. thanks 

On Wed Sep 14 08:04:23 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Nice one.... Nude actresses would do nicely... 

On Wed Sep 14 09:50:24 EDT 1994
Ajay Reddy Aleti : (from address wrote:
Fabulous !!!! 

On Wed Sep 14 12:20:30 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Am I impressed!!!! Great Work indeed !!.
You can hope to be deluged with connects form T.I. India.

On Wed Sep 14 16:40:11 EDT 1994
Hitesh, (from address wrote:
Hi, Thank you for the lovely pictures posted in bum.html 

On Wed Sep 14 19:43:10 EDT 1994
Ahmed Hudda (from address wrote:
Good Job!

On Wed Sep 14 20:23:27 EDT 1994
Tejaswi, ttejaswi@cup (from address wrote:
Hi Kumar, This is really a good work from your side. Being an Indian , I should thank you. Bye,

On Thu Sep 15 09:53:14 EDT 1994
Krishnan Ramaswamy (from address wrote:
Great work, Shivesh. U must have put in a lot of effort into this. Looking forward to seeing cricket "action" pictures soon in this gallery. 

On Thu Sep 15 16:58:35 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
You should have a picture of Geet Sethi in there too. Billiards is the only sport in the world that has an Indian World Champion (and Pro ranking #1). 

On Thu Sep 15 20:55:17 EDT 1994
VIKAS SAPRA, (from address wrote:
My name is Vikas Sapra , doing Tnfo.Sys.Engg. here in RMIT in Australia . I would like to appreciate your efforts for doing such a good job on India . I liked your MPEG stuff and the information on Cricket Stars and Film Stars . Again thanks for your efforts . Keep in touch .

On Thu Sep 15 20:58:04 EDT 1994
NITESH KHANNA (from address wrot e:
I really liked the information that you have stored on INDIA . It is a very very superb collection of items Personally I liked the video clips a lot but I can't seem to figure out a way to enlarge them ( if it is possible ) . I would like to thank you for putting in such a nice collection and making it enjoyable for fellow Indians .

On Thu Sep 15 21:13:11 EDT 1994
S9406732@YALLARA.CS.RMIT.OZ.AU (from address wrote:

On Mon Sep 19 13:38:00 EDT 1994
Bobby Jain, (from address wrote:
I visited your archive today and was amazed to see Indian Movie stars online. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Keep up the good work!!! 

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Very nice .... 

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Your collection is great. Hope you will regularly keep it updated. More sensational actors and actresses around. 

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wow! keep up the good work dude !

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Girish Maraliga, (from address wrote :
I liked the indian section of your homepage very much. It brought back a lot of memories ... Thanx

On Wed Sep 28 15:49:00 EDT 1994
Rajesh Attal (from address wrote:
Wow!! The actresses are genius, the images are genius, the idea is genius, and t he creator is a genius!!!
Words can not convey my feelings of awe and amazement at this ... but i am not q uite sure how tosend a pic ... :)) Thank you for the amazing work!! please keep it up!!!!!!! 

On Wed Sep 28 21:07:29 EDT 1994
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I was recently playing around on www and found your contribution to the world of www. Excellent Job! 

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Hi Shivesh, Truely astounding effort. Keep up the good work. Bye, Shyam.

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Great job. Keep it up 

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the indian film star section was neat..keep up the good work! :)

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i have been browsing thro your home page it is a really nice page filled with fun stuff..

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It's really a neat work and to the liking of most of the Indians here. 

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That was some effort buddy! Keep it up!! Aaj kal padai karraho keya nai?! (Just kidding). -Srini.

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I am really impress with your work for "WWW" information about India. You have done an excellent job. Congratulation. It is very informative for those poeple who just think about India that the cows run on the middle of the road. 

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suban allah!!! just excellent....and very informative. 

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Fantastic job. Was fortunate enough to view the pics on a SGI w/s :-) 

On Fri Sep 30 17:35:30 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
I was browsing through your pages and boy was a good feeling to see all the nice Indian things. I felt as if were in India at that very moment. Today was the first time that I actually accesessed it on the web network but from now on I will be looking out for more news and articles. Thanks for the treat. 

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This is good stuff. 

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Your home page is terrific. Keep it up.

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Nice work!

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unknown (from address wrote:
Brilliant idea. Although i'm West Indies fan i'm wandering where is the piccy of one of India's finest - Sunil Gavasker ('Sir' - one day)

On Sun Oct 2 17:53:58 EDT 1994
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Good work. I enjoyed the pictures, Hope to see more in the future

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Awesome home page ! Really liked the cricket info !

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It was nice seeing your display of concern toward a sport that not many people are interested in anymore.

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Great job !!

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Great Job Dude, Brought back some nice nostalgic memories Ciao 

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Like the video library

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You have done an awesome job! One of the best homepages I have ever seen. Information on India was very comprehensive. Pictures of the ladies of Indian cinema were very enjoyable. Great work.

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You have a very interesting collection of photographs.

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Really a lot of work. Keep it up. I was pleasently surprised to see this collection. You have my full support

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Good Job Shivesh!!!!!! Keep the good work up.... Would be nice to put in some pictures from DEBONAIR (the Indian Playboy)

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Excellent job on the Indian actors!

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In US you may find some Indians, but in Mexico - NONE. So it was nice to see som e Indians on the web at least.

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Samir Sanghani -- (from address

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Great Work Kumar. Its superb..

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I think that yo have some great pictures of Indian actresses. Maybe you could put video clips of Hindi movies in it too. I also think that you need more pictures of Monisha.

On Sat Oct 8 21:41:22 EDT 1994
kartik shah (from address wrote:
I am quite impressed with your collection. For quite a while I was looking for a n ftp site where I could obtain Indian pictures.^?^? Me and my friends who are f ans of Indian Movies and filmstars request you to put some more pictures online and if possible swimsuit posters of Indian super models.

On Sun Oct 9 12:14:34 EDT 1994
Shobhan M. Lakkapragada, (from address wrot e:
It was really wonderful to see all our great stars at one place. I hope you would come out with more pictures of Madhuri, Manisha and yourself. Thanks for putting up an URL. Reg. me, I am new grad. student in Electrical Engg. at the U. of Kentucky. RSVP.

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Its just great

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Wow! Really a great work. At last a place I can look when I am nostalgic about India. Kudos,

On Mon Oct 10 06:58:13 EDT 1994
Elias Rodriguez, (from address wrote:
One of my best friends is an Indian from Southern India. I said..they all a certain look to them...kinda boring." He said..yeah..that's why I love them.? What did he mean?

On Mon Oct 10 08:07:29 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
This is a nice Page, but i`m not very interested in Cricket. If you want, you can also take a look at my personal Homepage. The URL is:

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Your album is really cooooooool!!

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Well done, but long.

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Good work Mr. Sivesh, Though the anu link fails most of the times probably because of heavy traffic

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You have quite a home page. Had fun going through it. Keep up the good work

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Wonderful !!!! Keep up the good work !

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This is a large home page that will take me some time to explore all of it. If you can grant a little more accesses it would be nice.
Daniel J. Herrera

On Tue Oct 11 22:48:50 EDT 1994
Sistla Anand (from address wrote:
Tooo.. Good Man. Especially Juhi, Madhuri and Sribaby were fantastic. Try to get some more of Raveena and Ayesha (JJWS fame).

On Wed Oct 12 00:52:04 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
GREAT archive dude! Spent a year in Indai and really started to get into cinema there. Thanks for the great archive!

On Wed Oct 12 02:35:49 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
Great Job! Nicely Organized. If only there were some MPG Indian movies...:-)

On Wed Oct 12 18:29:27 EDT 1994
GEORGE MATHEW (from address wrote:
I know all the effort you put into this. All those nights scanning picture after picture. It looks awesome . Hey how about doing a album for me ?

On Wed Oct 12 20:53:14 EDT 1994
Manveen Kalyanpur - (from address wrote:
Great Home Page!! Good job!! Keep it up!!
Would like to see some more stuff on Indian Arts, Crafts, Architecture, etc etc

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Great audio clips.

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loved it... keep up the good work

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I like your work on this Indian Stuff. Hoping to see more of it in future. 

On Fri Oct 14 21:13:46 EDT 1994
nestor, (from address wrote:
Hi there,
Thanks for allowing the view of this different pictures. One thing is that some how the pictures do not come out clear when I pick the U.S.A, but if I pick Canada, the pictures are very clear. Is there something I my be doing wrong. S ome of my co-workers have the same problem. Well, just wanted to let you know. Thanks again, 

On Sat Oct 15 14:31:23 EDT 1994
Ionel, (from address wrote:
It would be nice if you could put the size of the MPEG's in parenthesis, so everyone knows what he's asking for when requesting an MPEG. Otherwise, I enjoyed the MPEGs ;) 

On Sat Oct 15 19:29:59 EDT 1994
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keep a few more photos of raveena

On Sat Oct 15 23:50:27 EDT 1994
victor@cea.Berkeley.EDU (from address wrote:
Cute Women!

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Mallik (from address wrote:
Good job!

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Amazing, need I say more... 

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Coool Job. Really a great treat. Continue this work to compile more pictures. Well done

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Great job, buddy ! Keep up the good work ! 

On Tue Oct 18 03:24:06 EDT 1994 (from address wrote:
It is very interesting to find so many different things on your home page it would be great if you could let me know as to how to increase the clarity of these pictures.

On Tue Oct 18 17:39:16 EDT 1994
Mayukh Bose (from address wrote:
You are never going to believe how I found your home page. I was looking up some sports and accidentally stumbled on your home page. It sure is awesome. I explained to a chinese friend of mine exactly how the crowd cheers at Chepauk. He was pretty interested in Madhubala too. Can you please include pics of Tamil movie stars too. Keep up the good work 

On Tue Oct 18 20:30:01 EDT 1994
atul m. godbole (from address 

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Prasanna, A. Simha / (from address wrote:
Dear Shivesh,
Hats off !! for your extreme patience, initiative & creativeness. I am mighty impressed !! I had heard about your homepage but got to see it today best wishes...& keep up the good work.
regards, Prasanna.

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FASCINATING, Will visit you very often, I am sure :-)

On Wed Oct 19 13:12:40 EDT 1994
Ali Altaf Mohamedali/ (from address 68) wrote:
Great Pictures. I have taken some print-outs and am using them as posters to stick on my home-walls. My major is Computer Science and am a friend of Munawar Versey. By the way how did you manage to get so much info. and so many pictures? It really shocked me when I saw your guest-book. You must be really popular.Anyway, Thanks to you I now have pictures of my favourite actress Juhi Chawla. Thanks ag ain!

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