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Highest Consumer Rating among Bollywood movie sellers
10 years of internet sales, 15 years of running web portal
Lowest Price guarantee, will beat any competitors price by 10%
All items factory fresh with 30 day money back guarantee
Largest Bollywood Collection on Earth, headquartered in USA

About IndiaWeekly.Com

  • IndiaWeekly.Com is the Leading Online Retailer for Indian Entertainment Products as per Consumer Survey conducted by
  • Satisfied Customers in 122 Countries.
  • Pioneers in Online Bollywood Shopping:- Longest Running Indian Web Portal Since 1993. Internet Shopping Since 1998.
  • Maximum Choice: With over 7000 titles is the Largest Bollywood Collection on Earth, Headqartered in Connecticut, USA.

Consumer Rating is the Leading Online Retailer for Indian Entertainment Products (DVDs/CDs) as per Consumer Survey conducted by

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Britannica88x31award.gif (846 bytes) was rated by Encyclopaedia Britannica as the Best Indian Portal site in 1999.

How it started:

IndiaWeekly team has been serving Indian community world wide through its dynamic and vibrant web content since 1993. We are proud to have been one of the leaders in this evolution. It was history in the making. Only around 600 webservers existed by the end of 1993. Credit for bringing India's presence in cyberspace goes to a few students who compiled freqently sought Indian information and made it available on web sites.

One such site was a web portal titled Know about India polularly known as skumar's home page launched by a grad student at SUNY Buffalo. It was a pioneer at the time, bringing estranged Indians, closer to home and allowing them to keep in touch with India. It contained information about Indian Culture, Language and Literature, Politics, Commerce, Economy, Fianance, Entertainment, Pictures/Profiles of Indian celebreties and other misc information. It was an instant hit, its popularity sky rocketted overnight as it recieved 28000 hits per week (remember this is 1993). Its guestbook which was launched in summer 1994 (click here to view) speaks of the excitement it generated among Indian community and rest is history.

This website went commercial in 1998 as It revolutionized Indian entertainment by becoming the first Indian site to offer online DVD rental by mail. strives to offer its customers outstanding value for their money  by minimizing cost overheads through innovative use of technology.

Our Mission aims to be the portal of choice for the sophisticated Indian user by providing superior content, community & commerce. We plan to serve ALL the needs of such a person - real time news, entertainment (Songs & Films), personal finance, expert opinions, interaction with like minded people, messaging, clubs, stock trading, gifts, travel etc We are targeting overseas Indians in our first phase & will target people resident in India in our second phase, as internet penetration grows in the country.


Spurred by the widespread acceptance of e-commerce among consumers and the explosive growth of higher quality entertainment products such as DVDs,, the world's second and India's largest online DVD rental store,is entering a new phase of growth as the leading pioneer of e-rentals and e-shopping. The company is launching an aggressive expansion plan to fortify its position as the premiere online store for India related entertainment and other misc products.

The continued success of the DVD format has translated into a boom for With consumers spending more time at home and enjoying the convenience of e-commerce, the company continues to expand its reach offering a more enjoyable method of renting DVDs.

According to a recent customer survey conducted, nearly 98% indicated that renting DVDs online is "important" or "very important" to them. Additionally, 65% of the respondents indicated that their overall home movie watching consumption has increased since owning a DVD player. Responding to this surging demand, has bridged together the convenience of home shopping with the efficiencies of an online store. continues to serve as an innovative resource for DVD rentals and related information.

In addition to offering its customers the world's largest selection of Indian DVD movies, provides 7-day rentals, same-day-shipping to anywhere in the U.S., easy-to-use search features, visitor reviews, advance movie reservations and discounts for members. By focusing on online rentals, is pioneering a new online retail model and e-commerce category.

Why Focus on DVDs?

Consumers are entering a new digital era and will gradually be migrating towards better quality entertainment delivered via DVD, digital cable and HDTV. Due to poor quality of Indian Videos, the availability of a DVD rental store on the Internet could speed the roll-out, especially in areas which don't have stores offering a wide variety of DVDs currently.

DVD continues to reign as the fastest selling home entertainment platform in history. As such, is continuing to solidify its strategic position as the leading e-rental provider for Indian DVDs.

Future Direction

We believe that we have built up a very attractive following & our content is appreciated by our users. Key to our future growth is to build greaterawareness for our web sites & grow our customer base. There is a huge opportunity ahead of us & we need to move fast to capture our fair share.

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