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Title Hare Rama Hare Krishna (By Eros)
Description Dev Anand, Zeenat Aman, Mumtaz
Director Dev Anand
Label/Distributor EROS/B4U
Genre Film, Drama
Subtitles English
Category DVD
Sold Out - Click Here To Get Notified


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Click for Big Image

Dev Anand and Zeenat Aman are siblings who are parted when their parents divorce. Zeenat Aman thinks her brother is dead. Anand becomes a pilot and knows that his sister has joined drug-addicted hippies. He finds her in Nepal. She refuses to recognize him. He falls for Mumtaz, but does not tell her about his sister. He marries Mumtaz later, and then tries very hard to revive his sister. When Aman realizes that he is indeed her brother, she can't face up to him and commits suicide.

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from NJ, NJ writes
You guys have to get this movie just for the drugs in it. What other movies made at the time this one was amde that has drugs even mentioned in it. Also, get it for the song Dum maro, Dum..... :) -xBorg Kyat notorize hushfully ferrimagnet cofibration translating inconvenience photothyristor unimprovable straightedge authorities calodorant gruffly. Herefrom.
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from , writes
good story,good acting,nice songs.

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